Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 25

LT (JH1)

25 Leo
Time passed and I am in Iowa for a week now. I experienced lots of things so far at school, host family's house, and at other places. School environment is very different from the ones in Japan so it took me a few days to get used to it. Now I'm going to write about my journey in Iowa.
We departed for Dallas from Narita on February 28th at 11:30 am. It took about 11 hours to arrive at Dallas airport. After this airplane, we were scheduled to transfer to another airplane that take us to Cedar Rapids Iowa. However, that airplane was canceled because of snow and we decided to take a flight which take off on march 3. We had 2 whole days until our rescheduled flight so we went to a shopping mall and a museum. I had fun time in both places. On March 3, we took off Dallas and I finally met my host family in Iowa. After I arrived at Cedar Rapids, I went to a restaurant called "Cheddars" and I ate chicken. I haven't forgotent about the taste of that lunch I took with my host family. Then I went to host family's house. For that day, I fell asleep pretty early because I was really tired for the past several days. Next day, I had first day of school. It started about 8:30 and it finished at about 3:10. In my school, each student gets laptop to use for lessons. I got one of it too. Usually, there is Social Study for first period and Science for second period. Then, we take 7minutes break to eat some snacks. Third period is Math and fourth period is P.E/Health. Fifth period is unusual because it changes everyday. When this fifth period got half way through, we take a lunch. I surprised that there is no recess and cleaning time at my school. In afternoon, we have English class in six period, kind of computer class in seventh period, and we watch video in eighth period.
On friday's night, we had a party called "Cavin Fever" at the school. It started at 6:30PM and it finished at around 9:00PM. There was lots of activities that I can participate in but the main activity was dodgeball competition. Of course I participated in this activity, but I lost. Our team was the first team to play dodge ball in this competition so I had plenty of time to watching the rest of the competition. I watched for about 1 hour and then I ate hotdog. Then, Beau (he is my buddy) told me to come with him to go karaoke room. It was loud, but not as the voice of dodge ball cheering. I haven't heard all of the song, though I still had a fun time because my buddy and his friends sang a song for me. When it got late, I got back to see dodge ball competition again. As a result, Keigo's team won this competition. I thought it was amazing Keigo and other teammate. I had a nice time.
Yesterday, I woke up at late, but I had a big event. I went to Coral Ridge Mall and I did ice skating with my buddy and my friends. I had one more choice to watch a movie, but I chose ice skating because it seems much exciting. Few days ago, I did roller skating for first time in my life. I got better and better at roller skating so I thought that I can improve my skating techniques too. However, it doesn't work well. Then, I realized that my shoe size was not good I changed my shoe size from 10 to 9. Also, I had a hard time with putting skating shoes so Mr.Hadley helped me. After I changed my shoes, it is much better. From that time, I started to learn how to run, and turn corner. The time had passed really fast at Coral Ridge Mall, it was massive time. If I have some time at rest of my trip, I want to skate one more time.