Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 24

1Z (A.S.)
The fun trip in Iowa is almost half way past, I’m having a great time and memories with my buddy and friends in Iowa. I was nervous on first few days but now I’m relaxed and having lots of conversation with my host family. My health condition is very good; I don’t have any jet lag and stuff. I learned different cultures and different aspects of school life, and acquired more fluency in English.

My school life in Iowa is fun. Teachers and friends are all kind to me. School ends much earlier than my school in Japan so we sometimes I hang out with my buddy’s friends after school. But I’m struggling a bit in academics. Spanish (Española) class is the hardest subject for me because I’ve never learnt about Spanish and my buddy is taking advanced class! We had a vocabulary test last Friday but of course, I got a big fat zero for my score. However, I’m having so much fun in this school so far. The spring break will start from next week so I’m so excited to do many activities with my host family!

My favorite restaurant in Iowa is Pancheros. This restaurant is Mexican food restaurant and we can choose the ingredients in our order; for examples, burrito and tacos. This type of restaurant is new to me and I think in Japan, this type of restaurant is not so popular. Also, we can take out our order too. I think Mexican food restaurant is not quite popular in Japan in the first place. I like to eat so I think I’m getting fat.
This is the burrito. It’s so delicious! :)
24 Ayuko

I think I will miss Pancheros when I get back to Japan. I want to bring back with me.

And we are starting to think about what we are going to do for the presentation in farewell party. I’m thinking to do charade (audience will guess the silent action) with my buddy. I hope everyone will enjoy the farewell party. I want to enjoy the rest of the trip.

24 Ayuko