Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 23

AU (JH1)
Hello. My name is AU. I am a student of Gyoshu jr. high school.
I arrived at Iowa on Tuesday. My host family met me warmly, and a fun home stay has started. I decided to tell you how much fun my home stay is.
I arrived at Iowa in the afternoon and I met my host family. It is very cold so I was surprised. Then we went to a Restaurant and I ate pancakes and omelet. I talked with my host buddy named Grace and my nervousness disappeared:) After lunch, we went to her house. There is a lot of snow outside and her house is very big. Grace guided through her house. They prepared a room for me. I am thankful for their kindness.
The next day is Wednesday and also it was my first day of school. I woke up at 6 o’clock. It was a very cold morning. We went to school, and Grace guided through her school. I thought there were many differences from my school. For example they had a cafeteria and students do not have to bring their own lunch from home. When Grace showed her school, I met many teachers and Grace's friends. They are very kind. On Wednesday, we ate lunch with Haruka and Reya. Haruka is my friend and she also participated this home stay program. Haruka’s buddy is Reya and she is a friend of Grace's. They are neighbors. My first school day was tiring but I learned how schools day goes in Iowa.
Today is Thursday and we went to school. My favorite class is LA (language Arts).
Today we have science and it was hard but we do not have school tomorrow so we are so excited so much!! I am sorry if I made any mistake in my e-mail.