Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 21

21 Riho
R T (JH 1)

Hello, my name is RT. The fun Iowa trip will start to end. Here I learned many things like cultures. I think host family learned too. I tried new things and have experienced that we can't do in Japan. The weather is almost everyday sunny but the temperature is very different each day. Some days I don't need jacket and just T shirt is fine but other days We must have jacket and wear more. Now Vernon Middle School is in spring vacation so we can go many places!

At the farm, we did so many things. First I drove a tractor. My host family owns three tractors and one of them is army track! I didn't drive army track but I got on to it with four big dogs. Dogs are very big and three of them is black color. It is a bumpy ride for me and I think it also was for dogs so they jumped
of from track. Then we washed the track. It's big so it took time to wash. That day the wind blew hard so it was a best condition to fly a kite. Kite went up very high and we enjoyed so much! We ate pizza for dinner and we ate with many people so for me that was my best pizza I have eaten in Iowa trip.

One day, we went to sushi restaurant called 'OYAMA'. They say sushi restaurant and Japanese steakhouse so we ordered grill menu called 'Hibachi'. It's delicious and the taste is similar to Japanese food! I also ate Tuna and salmon nigiri. I was glad because it was almost the same as Japanese one. My buddy's mother can use chopstick but buddy and her brother had a hard time. I taught them how to hold but my buddy couldn't use it.

We went to a movie theater on March 19th. We watched Cinderella with my host family's friends. The person who played Cinderella is very beautiful and her dress is also pretty. My favorites scenes in this movie is the pumpkin, mice, and dress are changing to gorgeous carriage, white horse, and beautiful blue dress. I watched Disney Cinderella before but I never watched Cinderella live-action film so I was happy. Buddy's brother says 'I hate love story!' So maybe for him, it was a boring time.

On March 20th, me, buddy and her friend went to a shopping mall! Since we don't finish making scrapbook so we can't stay long time ,but I bought many souvenirs for family and my club members. Buddy looked around many cute clothes at the mall and finally she said that I'll buy a dress! The shop selling dresses are doing 80% off discount sale so she looked around a lot but she did not buy at the end.

Today we went for a farewell party! There are many snacks and drinks. Our scavenger hunt scrapbook displayed on table and we looked other students' book and it was quite interesting. After a while, presentation began. First Hayato and his buddy did their presentation. Their presentation is very good and I was surprised. Next presentation was me and my buddy's turn. We made PowerPoint using my iPad. When we connect USB port to projector, it did not work!? We tried a few ways but it did notwork... There are no time to send the data to computer and connect so we can't do the PowerPoint presentation. It took many hours to make it so we were shocked. But other students' presentations made us happy and I enjoyed them a lot. High school students did games that everyone can do and everyone there came to smile. I had a great time there and talk a lot.

We just have one day left in Iowa. First I thought three weeks is long ,but it wasn't. We need to thank them and had a great last day! Tomorrow, we will go to a museum. I was really excited!
Thank you for reading my journal and I hope everyone really soon.