Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 20

20 M Y201503212
M Y (SH1)

I'm having a great time in Iowa and it is already 3 days left before we go back to Japan. Time flies quickly when I live a full life, I can maybe stay here for 2 more weeks.

Today was an important day for my buddy and me because it was the last day we can spend time together. Tomorrow my buddy is leaving for Florida for her music camp. It is sad that I can't be with her until the end of my trip. But I will spend the rest of time with her sister and I will have fun with her too.

When I thought of what I can do for our last day, I came up with the idea that I should maybe cook a Japanese meal. So yesterday, I went to buy 500g of chicken at the supermarket to make "karaage". I never cook at home and I also think that I do not have a sense of cooking; therefore I was afraid if I can make good karaage. Similarly, I was a little bit afraid if my host family would like the food.
As a result, I didn't need to be anxious to these matters. Everything went well. I think karaage was well made and they also liked it. (I posted the photo of the food I made) I will leave them the recipe so that they can make it even after I left.
We ate the supper with whole family for the first time, which made me realize that the meal is more delicious when we eat with people.

Tomorrow we have the farewell party, I will enjoy watching other classmates doing some presentations that will surely entertain us. I need to also think what I will present. I will figure out something fun.

I will enjoy the last 2 days, and make some memories.
See you.