Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 19

K T (JH 1)

It is only 6 days before leaving Iowa and I don't want to go back home. I am really having fun.
When I first came here, I was so nervous that I couldn't talk to my buddy. But now we joke to each other. I still remember the time we started talking each other. It was the next day when they picked me up from the air port. Tanner was not feeling good so we decided to go to the hospital. The doctor said he had to have a rest on that day. When we got back we played games and this game made us start a conversation. From this game we became a good friend.
I was even more nervous when I first went to school. I remembered that I couldn't talk for the first couple of hours. I was happy when my friends told me everything that they were doing in school. Now I have a very good friend. I do many things with him.

As the days pass I got use to the school program. Now I know where I should go and what I should do. When I got use to the program I feel that the school is fun, which I never had this kind of feelings before. There were many events that our school doesn't have. One was the dodgeball tournament. This event was so fun that I want to have in our school too. The event had many things like photo booth, minute to win, and singing. Taiyo and I did minute to win. This game were rule was that one person throw the marsh mellow and one person have to catch the marsh mellows with your mouth. We made a new recode of 28 second. We won a free pizza slice ticket. After we took pictures and did many fun stuffs. There weremore events like my buddy's brothers band concert also started a track practice after school of a time of hour and a half. I am having fun in track practice too.

Today I had so much fun. In the first two period of school they had a test and we didn't have to take the test so we watched a movie. The movie is not sold in Japan and I wanted to watch. It was a good opportunity. After we take the classes and I always feel that time goes fast because the class ends a hour earlier than our school. After we had a track practice as usual. We did medicine ball today. When the school ends we went back to our house. After an hour a police officer came to help our scavenger hunt for the handcuff. I tried to get out but I couldn't do it. The officer showed us many things. I asked him whether I can hold his gun. It was awesome. For dinner we went to a Japanese restaurant. This restaurant had a cooking show and I loved it.
I only have 6 days left in Iowa so I want to make this time the best time ever and I want to stay here for a little longer.