Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 16

G T (SH1)

Today is the first day of my last week remaining in Iowa. I personally can't believe that my time here in Iowa is coming to an end, especially because I feel as if it was only yesterday that I arrived in Dallas, Texas. Looking back at the past two weeks I see that I've done so many things, and created so many memories that I'm sure I will hold on to for a very long time. I think the major thing I have accomplished is living in completely new and unfamiliar environment without relying and depending on anyone over such an extended period of time for the first time. In addition to that, I had a chance to try and experience many new things that I probably wouldn't have had the opportunity to experience anywhere else.

Firstly, I attended an American high school and lived through all the things typical high school students would. It was fairly nerve-racking at first, because the school was so different than the other schools I am accustomed to. In fact I often times found the difference overwhelming; the school building itself was enormous and it was overflowing with such a wide variety of different people who were all very open and expressive of said diverseness. I was also pleasantly surprised to see and experience firsthand the freedom and liberty allowed to the students at my school. However, I was not only amazed by said things but also by the academic aspect of the school. I learned that there are so many different classes and courses that students have the option to choose from. In fact, upon meeting my buddy, I learned that the classes she takes vary with every trimester. This current trimester, my buddy has decided to take Government, English, Physics, Choir, Economy, Calculus and Art(Ceramics); these classes were all very interesting to me, especially because I had only ever tried one class between these seven, two if one includes Art since although I have taken Art, I've never worked with ceramics. My personal favorites are probably Government, Choir and Art because from all these classes, I had a chance to learn novel interesting things. For Government, I learned about the different governments in Europe, and mostly concentrated on the British government and the EU. I personally found this very interesting because I learned many new things regarding the EU that I was not currently aware of, even after living in Europe for most of my life. Choir was a generally fun class to attend because I got to sing many beautiful songs with about other 90 members of the school choir. Because of that class I had the opportunity to explore aspects of music that I had never thought about in depth such as the classification used for the different types of voices like bass, baritone, tenor, contralto and soprano. Even before coming to Iowa, I was really excited to experience Art in class, but when I heard that we would be working with ceramics, I got even more excited because it was an art medium I had never worked with before properly. Although I really enjoyed and will cherish everything I have learned from all my classes, I think what I learned in Art will be the most memorable to me because I had a chance to create something really cool that I probably wouldn't have the opportunity to create in the same way I did in Iowa City High. During Art class, I created a little pot and also a rose that I also painted and glazed, which I am really proud of how it turned out.

In addition to scholastic things, I think I had a chance to experience many other fun things in Iowa. Along with the rest of 1Z, I visited and toured a very large college campus, which I not only found insightful but also very relaxing, because we basically strolled throughout a very nice part of town on a pleasantly sunny day. The first activity that was organized by Mr. Hadley that I believe everyone attended was going to a mall and ice skating. I personally was absolutely horrible at ice skating and consequently kept falling and making a fool of myself. However, even if I was not able to properly skate at all, I really enjoyed myself and was happy to hang out with both my classmates and buddy. Another fun activity we did together was go to a hockey game, which, although was very loud and somewhat overwhelming, was also fun because it had been a while since I had experienced such an energetic atmosphere. I personally had no idea what was going throughout the majority of the game, but nonetheless, it was very entertaining to watch.

As you can hopefully tell from this piece of writing, I am so far greatly enjoying myself and can't wait to see what is in store for this next week, which happens to be spring break and I will therefore be hopefully experiencing a whole new set of fun and exciting things with my buddy and host family.