Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 15

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N W (JH1)

March 15th
Solon, Iowa

Today is the day 13 of home stay. I'm doing great and I have many experiences that I can't have in Japan. I will share my three experiences that happened in Iowa. One is about school, one is bout Show Choir, and last is about horse riding.

I went to the school for 7 days in total. My buddy is in 8th grade and she is taking the grade 9 English, P.E, Science, Social Studies, Art, Computer, Jazz and Music class. I can't join the English class because they are doing the reading assignment and that book is very thick so I just sit and read the book I bought in the Book Fair. In P.E class, I played Hokey and Wiffle Ball. Hokey is my first time to play and it was fun. The class mates were kind so they gave me many chance to get a goal, but I was able to get the goal just one time. The Wiffle game is like a base ball. I hit the ball twice. The class mates were kind so they don't throw the ball when I was trying to go another place. I can't get the goal but it was fun. The Science class was fun. Each day has a Question and we find the answer using the video, or magazine, or pictures and discuss how that affect to our human or environment. Social Studies class was board for the first 4 days, because Class was choosing the class that takes next year. Also they try to find the job that interested to. But last three days, we played the game. I don't know the name of the game but it is about history of America and the thing that happens in that period affects the point of the game. We are in around middle but friend take the highest point. Art and Computer class was doing the project so I read a book or draw all the time. I just watch and listen to the music in Jazz and Music class. The best memory of the school is, in Science class, we did the experiment to scale the calories. To scale the calories, we burn the popcorn and Sturbarst. It was cool. It was a great school so I don't want to leave. But we finished school in Thursday. I said good bye to my friends.

Second experience that we can't do in Japan was, Show Choir. My buddy is in the Solon middle school Show Choir team so I went to it on March 7th. It was awesome!! Her class danced 4 songs. Her school is in top 5 of the show choir so her team will dance in final round. After the first show finished, the judges came and tell them the good points, bad points, and the improvement. So their final stage was very good. I had a fun time and it was amazing!!

The last experience that we can't do in Japan was Horse riding in forest. Caroline (my buddy) has two horses. We ride a horse last Sunday. I thought we will ride around the house but they went to the inside of the forest. It was Amazing. The dog guide us the rout. I ride a horse many times in Japan but it was a thing that we can't do in Japan. We walk across the river (not that big, about 50cm wide), and we pass through the trees. The trees hit my face many times. It hurts me a lot but it was fun!!

These are the things that I did in Iowa. We have only 1 week left. Next week, we will go to the Kalahari. I don't know the region but everybody says it is a great place so, I'm very exciting!! They told me there is a big indoor water park. It seems fun!! So, totally I'm doing great in Iowa!!