Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 13

MM (JH1)

Today we had the same daily schedule as yesterday. In Social Studies, we took quizzes. Some students went to the front to answer some questions. I was just watching, because it was too hard for me. The quizzes were about Civil War or the Battle of Shiloh. I don't know what that is, so I can't do it!

Next, we had math. In math we did some calculations and word problems. I don't know how to solve the problems when I did homework, but my buddy taught me how to solve it, so I can do questions very easily. I did the test last week and I got a better score than I thought, so I was very happy for that.

After the math class, we had English class. In English, I made a power point presentation about Japan. I put some details about our school. I tried to put many details about Japan that everyone thinks it is interesting.

In lunch, we had a cookie, meatballs, and macaroni and cheese. I think this is the most delicious lunch that I have had.

In the afternoon, we did science. In science we are learning about sources of energy. The teacher is very good at teaching us, so I can understand very easily.

At the last class, we did PE. In PE, we stretched and went outside. We walked and ran around the track. It is a warm temperature today, so I can run much more than I thought. It was so fun.

After the school finished, we went to church. In the church, we played some games and ate dinner. We played outside. It was very fun and more fun than I thought. When we finished the game, we went to a room and watched a video. I didn't understand it very clearly, but everyone talked about God. Finally, we sang some songs. I don't know what the songs were, so I only listened to what everyone sang.

Tomorrow, we will have a piano lesson, and after that we will go to the pool with Moyuru and her buddy. I'm so excited!