Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 12

Y.M. (JH 1)

I'm having so much fun right now in Iowa and I would like to share some of my experiences.

First of all, on the day I met my American buddy(Logan ) and her family, we were so excited and went to their house and realized we forgot my suitcase at the airport! So we ran back to the airport and fortunately, a person in charge of this trip, was standing by the door with my suitcase.

On Saturday, I and Logan went ice skating in a big shopping mall called the Coral Ridge mall. I met a lot of new friends there. And I was able to see my friends as well. I wish I would have stayed longer because I couldn't talk a lot with my friends.

Another thing is that yesterday, I went bowling as a class. It was really fun because I hadn't bowled for a few years.

Today, I, Logan, and her mother went to eat dinner at a place called Hyvee. It was really good that I was able to eat some vegetables there because I've been having pizzas and hamburgers a lot since I came here. I hope I won't gain any weights...

I'm looking forward to seeing the ice hockey game on Saturday this weekend because I get to see my friends! I'm missing all my friends. I miss my family a lot as well.
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