Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 10

Y.K.(SH 1)

March 2nd / Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Today was our last day at the hotel. S.W. and I shared a room at the hotel, and he woke me up this morning. And when I woke up, I was shocked because it was already around 9:30am. I had my alarm set at 6am, but I think I was too tired to notice it ringing because yesterday was a pretty rough day. I mean seriously, whatever happened yesterday was pretty stressful. I won't say what, though.

When we headed for breakfast, I forgot my wallet in my room, so I went back to get it. And because I was in a rush, I tried opening the door without using the card key. The door usually locks automatically, so there was supposed to be no chance for me to be able to open the door; however, it opened. But at that time I didn't think that was strange since I was in such a rush. And when I got the wallet I was like ".....wait a second. Did I just open the door without using the key?", and I checked if the door would open without the key, and found out that the auto-lock system wasn't working.

So SW went to the lobby and told the hotel staff that our lock was not working, and the staff came to our room to fix it. It tuned out that the battery was out. I was so glad that I forgot my wallet in my room, because otherwise I wouldn't have noticed it until we got back from breakfast.

Originally, our plan for today was to just stay in the hotel and get some rest, but because the JTB has organized a tour for us, the plan was changed. We met at the lobby at 12:00 and took a bus to the museum. I was very relieved that it wasn't the hotel's bus. I hated the hotel's bus because they're always late.

It took for about an hour to get to the museum. Everybody seemed tired; most of them were sleeping in the bus, and the rest were just sitting in their seats silently. I was going to sleep too, and I eventually did, but because I saw a car accident, I was shocked and couldn't sleep for a while. It was pretty nasty.

When we got to the museum, we first watched a planetarium. It was pretty interesting, but all the seventh graders were sleeping. Well, I have to admit that the seats in the planetarium were in a perfect angle to take a little nap. I almost fell asleep too, but I managed to keep myself awake.

After the show, we just wandered around the museum for a little while. I walked around with the other 1-Z students, and we went to a 4-D ride called "Energy Blast". To be honest, that was probably the only thing which was interesting. The other stuff seemed like they were for little kids.

Then we got back to the hotel, took some rest until 6, then went to the hotel restaurant with SW to eat our dinner. I had a chicken quesadilla, which looked like a mixture of pizza and sandwich. They were very good. I don't like to eat tomatoes, but surprisingly I was able to eat the tomatoes inside that quesadilla. SW had this HUGE piece of meat which was like 30cm in width, and he seemed like he was enjoying it at first, but he had a hard time eating it when he got like half way through. I still can't believe its mass and the fact that he actually ate them all.

Tomorrow I will finally be meeting my host family. I am very excited, and I really hope that we will be able to go to Cedar Rapids without any problem.