Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 9

A.K.(JH 1)

March 4th:
Today was the first day for me to go to school in Iowa. There were many differences between Japanese school and American schools. I went to Southeast Junior High School. This school was very big and clean. I was very surprised that student had painted nails and some accessories at school! We can't do nails and accessories in Japanese schools. In Gyoshu teacher would come to our classroom but in Southeast school we need to go to subject classrooms. There were many difficult classes in Southeast . The most difficult class was English because the class goes fast and I had to take many notes. Also, the vocabulary was very hard too.
I had a lot of fun in school and I made some new friends in school! They were all kind! I want to make more friends in school again.

March 5th:
Today, we finished school at 2:20. After school, I went to my buddy's grandparents house. We did some bird watching. We also ate some popcorn in grandparents house!

March 6th:
Today, I played with my buddy's brother and sister outside. It was very cold outside but also I had a LOT of fun!!
Buddy's grandmother and father's sister came to house. They had talked with my buddy's mother and we went to eat some dinner. We ate fish for dinner.
Before I went to bed buddy read a book to me.

March 7th:
In the morning I played with buddy's brother and sister again. We played in the snow! The Iowa snow was more icy than snow in Japan. I played basketball with my buddy! I surprised that most houses had basketball goal in their yard.
For lunch we ate sushi!!!! We went to a Japanese restaurant. I ate salmon, red tuna, and miso soup. It was different from Japanese ones but it was delicious!
I skated with my buddy. I ate chocolate ice-cream! It was so yummy! I thought it was better here than in Japan.

I'm doing great in Iowa! There are only two weeks left. I will try hardest and enjoy Iowa!