Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 8

​H.N. (JH 1)

Today, we planned to go downtown of Ceder Rapids while our buddies were taking Iowa assessment but since my host family's mother was sick, we couldn't go there. Instead, the teachers in Taft decided to take us outside of school to complete our scavenger hunt! Before going out, we took the picture of each of students in Taft including me wearing the Mascot Head of Taft Middle school. That was really cool.

A teacher took us to her church. They had really beautiful stained glasses. She showed us the "five seasons street" too. It's a sculpture of tree that is made of metal. We also had the flags of Iowa, United States and the black one that I actually I don't know of. I took picture of them but it was foggy today so I couldn't take good pictures. We visited the library too. It' a new one and I enjoyed looking around all the books, videos and fantastic furniture that they have! After that, we went to the Newbo area. They had a coffee shop and we ordered cinnamon roll and hot chocolates. They drew hearts and trees on our hot chocolate. It looked gorgeous and they were delicious too! We talked about many things about Japan in the coffee shop. Then we went to "Sushi House" which is the Sushi restaurant. A photo of the Sushi restaurant in America is one of the things on our scavenger hunt list so we took picture of that place too.
After that, it was almost time that class starts so we headed back to each classes. In school, we also took our picture serving lunch in the school cafeteria. I had much fun doing the scavenger hunt.

After school my buddy and I went to Aimi's host house and played the game "A to Z" that is kind of alphabet game. After playing the game, we went to a river near our host house and took some cute pictures. I took many pictures so far and having so much fun! I think I'm doing great in this Iowa Trip!