Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 7

K.W. (JH1)

This photo was taken in front of Isaac's house, and he is my buddy of this trip. He is very nice to me, and always tries to make me happy.
The T-shirt that I am wearing in this photo is given to me when our team won the championship at the dodge ball tournament, and only the winning team could get this
. It was held during our school festival called "Cabin Fever", and I was the last person of our team at championship game and led to a victory! I was happy when the a big cheer went up from the crowd.It was much fun playing dodge ball, and it's one of my precious memories.
Also, I went to ice-fishing with Isaac and his dad yesterday. We did ice-fishing on the frozen lake, and drilled a hole to drop a fishing line, with a little worm called a wax worm or a meal worm about a centimeter long. I did fishing for 5 hours, and I got about 10 bluegills though Isaac and his dad got about 80 bluegills at total. They are pretty good at it! I could once catch fish just as quickly as I could get my line in the water. It was first time for me, and it was a great experience for me.
Moreover, I did sledding with Isaac and his friend named 'David" last week. It was very cold outside, so I wore many jackets, knit cap, and mitten.I had doing sledding in the past, but I could slide down much faster than I thought.I was nearly crash to trees and the small bushes! It was very interesting, and I wanted to do it again.
The life in America is fun, and I like going to school in Iowa very much. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, and I want to enjoy the rest of the days in Iowa!!!