Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 6

T.E.(JH 1)

There are many things that have been making me surprise in America. For example I was very surprised that everyone is chewing gums during the class time at school. Everyone is very kind to me and they ask me many questions. In P.E, our school is doing roller skating (sometimes dodge ball). Math was almost the same thing that we are learning in Gyoshu. For school lunch, they select eating pizza or burritos or other foods to eat. I play with snow (almost ice) or video games or trampoline after school.

We got stuck in Dallas for three days and we were staying at the hotel in Dallas. On the Second day in hotel, I went to a shopping mall and I bought a lot of souvenirs for my family and for my friends. On the third day, we went to a museum and a baseball and football dome. There were many interesting things in the museum. The baseball and football dome was very large and I heard that Japanese baseball player is playing at the baseball dome. I was very excited at that because the next day is the day that I meet with my host families.

The day with my host family is much fun. I did sledding and I went shopping to malls and also Costco. I went to many american restaurants. There are many different things from Japan, and even Mc.Donalds are different. The size of hamburger is much larger than Japan’s hamburger. The church was interesting for me too. They sing few songs and they pray. Then they hear some stories from the father. When the final pray finish, children go to Sunday school. I do not go to the church in Japan so it was very interesting experience for me. At the dodge ball tournament in Mid Prairie Middle school, I was very surprised that everyone were shouting from the cheering section and cheering. Even girls were shouting and it looked that they are having much fun. I learned some cultures in Iowa too. In Iowa they have a culture that drinking hot chocolate after playing outside on a cold day. I drank hot chocolate when I played sledding and snow ball fight. I learned that there are many cultures in America and each has an interesting features. Also Mid Prairie Middle school's band got the highest point at the school band contest so I was very happy (the picture shows the MPMS band member before the contest).

I’m having a fun time with my host family. American people are funny and they are very cheerful. Also they are very kind. They support me and help me a lot. I found many interesting things. I have many things that I do not know before but everybody supports me so I think I can make this trip much fun.