Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 5

On Tuesday March 3rd, I came to Iowa for homestay in my host family’s house. When I arrived at Cedar Rapids airport, my host family was waiting for me. I was very nervous when I first met my host family at the airport but my host buddy and his family asked me some questions and talked to me kindly so I was nervous but I became more relaxed. At host family’s house, host family was very kind to me and they informed me about many things about their house.

On Wednesday, I went to West Branch Middle School and it was my first time to go to the school that my host buddy goes. I rode school bus to go to school and it was my first time to ride school bus in America. At school, teachers and my host buddy’s friends are surprised when they saw me but they are very friendly and kind to me so I enjoyed the school. On Thursday, I went to school as yesterday but it was my second time to go to school so many teachers and students surprised when they saw me. On Friday, it was my third time to go to school so I became more used to school than first time. Yesterday and today was my first weekend with my host family. Yesterday, I went to restaurant and shopping mall with my host family. We ate some Chinese food in the restaurant and we enjoyed shopping in the shopping mall.

Today we went to grocery store and other kind of stores to buy some foods and other things. I’m very enjoying homestay in my host family and I’m very excited to go to school tomorrow!!