Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 4

M.E. (JH1)

Day4: March 3rd
Today I went to a show called STOMP at paramount and I watched it for two and a half hour. It was a great show and I was tired with my first day with my host family but the show gave me a lot of power.
Do you know anything about STOMP? STOMP is composed of about 6 to 9 performers and they make tons of sounds with drums, newspapers, buckets, and many other stuffs. They make different sounds and combine each sounds into one cool rhythm. If you want to know more about STOMP, watching YouTube would be good.
Anyway, the most interesting performance in the show was the performance using brooms. the performers were using the broom's side, center, and the bottom part to make sounds. During the performance, some of the brooms got broken because the performers hit the brooms too much. They had a story in the performance and it was much fun to watch.
There were many other cool performances and I wonder how they are making such difficult rhythms with any mistakes.
Watching a show was a great experience and I want to thank my host family a lot.

Day5: March 4th
Today it was my first day to go to school and I found many differences between school in Japan and in America I will explain how was my first day in school was.
First, the most difficult class was social studies and students were learning about Civil war in America. I had no idea about that so it was very hard to understand what the teacher was talking about. I learned about Battle of Antietam, Lincoln's Emancipation proclamation, Battle of Shiloh, And about Iowans and Shiloh. All of them were new topic to me so I had to ask my buddy many questions to understand them.
Next, I was very surprised with students having own computers and carry them in every class. They were bringing back to their home every day and I got one too. Also students were playing games with the computers in the break time.
The day in school was very fun and my buddy's friends were all kind and they came to talk me a lot. I want to talk to them a lot and know more about them.

Day6 : March 5th
I watched a movie called "Freaky Friday " today. The movie was great and fun! I was lucky because I have read the book Freaky Friday in the reading time in Gyoshu in term1 so it was easy to understand the story.

Day7: March 6th
The school finished at 12:30 today!! I went to a large trampoline park called "Air FX" and it was very fun! I had pizza for dinner.

I'm having a great time in Iowa! I will try my best speaking English every day.