Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 3

S.W. (SH 1)
Hi! I I am doing great in Iowa. Only 5 days have passed in the United States, but we have LOTS and LOTS of things to tell. If I write everything, it will take 3 days to finish this report, so I will write about 3 most important events in Iowa.
First event is, waiting at the Dallas Airport. When we arrived at Dallas Airport on 28th of February, we were told that our air plane to Iowa was cancelled due to the big snow storm. I knew that this year's America is really cold, but I was not thinking that it was so cold to cancell the flight. When I first heard the news of the cancelation, I was thinking we could go to Cedar Rapids simply hopping on the next flight on the next day. But my teacher told us that we have to `wait` until Tuesday, meaning we have to stay in Dallas for 3 days. It was really shocking. So we `waited` in Dallas for 3 days. Also, we had to wait at the airport for so long too. After getting our luggage at the airport, we headed to the service counter to get tickets for the next flight. This 'wait' was really tough. We `waited` for more than 2 hours there. We sat on top of our luggage, and because we were in the row, and the row kept moving, we couldn't sleep. Due to the 11 hours of flight from Narita I also had headache and hunger. So it was absolutely horrible. Then, we got out from the airport, hotel bus came, and I was so happy that I could get around to sleep and relax at the hotel. But, it didn't go so well. Bus came, but we realized that only 21 people could ride on the bus, and there were 24 people in our group. So Mr. Hadley, Yu Koga, and I, who were in the back of the line, stayed at the airport and `waited` for the bus to come. We `waited` outside, because the driver said he should be able to come back in 20 minutes. We `waited` in the cold. I don't remember the temperature at that time, but it was really cold. 20 minutes later, 30 minutes later, no bus. Because it was so cold, we were running around the terminal, shaking body, and dancing. Bus came once, but because a different driver was driving, he did not notice us. We were finally able to get on the bus after 1 hour. This was horrible too. So this is my first important event. This event made me fear about the nature or weather.
Second event, which was a very lucky event, is riding on the first-class. Actually, this event was only good for me. After leaving the hotel in Dallas, we checked in the air plane to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. When we received the tickets, as usual, we checked our seat number. My seat number was 3A. But, everyone's seat number was like 7A, 8B, and even in row 18. So everyone was saying "ha ha you're alone". But when I looked at my ticket carefully, I found a word 'FIRST'. I realized that my seat was in first class! I was surprised, and very happy. One of the friends who were teasing me asked 'Can I be alone, please?'. It was my first and last time probably of taking the seat on the first-class. Although the seat was not so great because the airplane was small, sitting on a soft chair with a space that I can stretch my legs was a great experience for me. So I was able to enjoy the trip to Iowa.
Third event is, living with my host family. Today is the 3rd day with Anderson family, but we did many things. We ate American pizza, Jamaican chicken and Japanese Soba (U.S version). We also went to places like bank. At the bank, I brought rare coins, like Iowa quarter, 2 dollar bill, and gold one dollar coins. It was cool. About the school, I didn't have an opportunity to talk to students and make friends yet, because everyone was taking tests these 2 days. I did some of them, and Math was easy, but History and Biology were difficult. Anyway, I was able to communicate with special needs children, because my host mother is a teacher of these children. It was surprising that in American schools, special needs children go to the same school with normal children, and the students have opportunity to communicate with these children. So while I was free, like when my buddy is taking a French test which I can't do, I was playing with special needs children. I think it is a thing that we can't do much in Japan, so I want to enjoy it.
As I said at the first, I have lots more things to write, but I will stop here because it will be too long. I am enjoying Iowa (including Texas) very much, and I will enjoy the rest of the trip too!