Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 22

22 Taiga

TT (JH 1)
I had a lot of new experiences and learning during this Iowa trip. I tried new things and I found new things and funny things. I think I had a lot of new experiences and my host family also had a lot of new experiences. I thought scavenger hunting is my best memory but I had a other very good experiences as well.

When we arrive at Dallas airport I thought it might be snow but it was snowing... there was snow and we couldn't go to Iowa right away. It was a 6 inch (about 15cm) of snow so the airplane can't fly so we were stack at the airport. I thought we might end up sleeping at the airport until we can catch the next flight. . But we were lucky enough to get a room at a Hotel so we were able to have a rest at a Hotel. We don't have any idea of where we can go in Dallas so on the first day we just rested at the Hotel. But next day Mr.Hadley took us to shopping mall so we were able to go for a shopping and buy presents for my family and my classmates. The shopping mall was too big and there were many favorite shops so it took me about 45 minute to go around 1 time. I got tired when we went around for 3 times. I thought America has everything big and it gave me a negative image sometimes. But I was able to find what I was looking for and presents. Next day we went to a museum and we visited a planetarium. At first it was a good but planetarium was dark naturally so I fell asleep during the presentation. I think I only saw the stars about 4 minutes out of about 15 minutes presentation. But it was fun.

The day we met my host family we woke up about 5:30 because we needed to go to the airport early so that we could get a ticket of airplane so we get up early and we checked in around 6:30. When we arrive at Cedar Rapids airport I was very nervous because I haven't met my host family before and that was my first time. I was a top batter of meeting with my host family so I couldn't see other student's buddy. I was little bit shocked but my buddy talked to me very friendly so my nervousness disappeared very quickly.

At a first and second week we had school and we needed to wake up early to go school. We ate breakfast at school that we can buy food in cafeteria. We did a 6 period of class at first and we had lunch at 12:30 and we did 2 period of classes in the afternoon and we can go home at 3:00. we had more periods of classes than my school in Japan but we can go home earlier than Japan. We went to Air Fix( a place that we can use trampoline) on Wednesday and we did a trampoline basket ball and we did a dank and we did a front and back flip. I could do a front flip but I can't do a back flip. I had a good exercise. We went to movie on our first Saturday. I bought a large size cup that I can take much as I can and I can choose any juice and large size of popcorn. It was so big that I need to use two hands for the popcorn and the cup was too tall. The cup was about 20 cm high. So we watched a movie while eating from a huge size popcorn bucket and drinking from a tall size juice.

At third week we don't have a school because of spring vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We don't need to do homework and we don't need to wake up early in the morning and we don't need to go to bed earlyand we don't need to go out to the cold. I was at resort. But... I needed to do scavenger hunt to complete but we already lost a point because we can't go to Iowa Hawkeye's game and serving food in school cafeteria. So I thought we couldn't get a prize but at a farewell party we got a third place. I was very lucky that other family don't think we must get a prize and this is just a game so maybe I could get a prize.

At a day we went back to Japan the mode was little bit negative and usually my host buddy's dad would sing a song but he didn't do today. When we arrived at the airport there were classmates and their host families. Everybody was a little bit down mode but at the end everybody make a smile and took a picture. When we arrived at Japan I was very tired because I need to adjust to Japan time so that I can sleep at night in Japan. It was a fun trip and I learned so many things in Iowa and America

Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 23

AU (JH1)
Hello. My name is AU. I am a student of Gyoshu jr. high school.
I arrived at Iowa on Tuesday. My host family met me warmly, and a fun home stay has started. I decided to tell you how much fun my home stay is.
I arrived at Iowa in the afternoon and I met my host family. It is very cold so I was surprised. Then we went to a Restaurant and I ate pancakes and omelet. I talked with my host buddy named Grace and my nervousness disappeared:) After lunch, we went to her house. There is a lot of snow outside and her house is very big. Grace guided through her house. They prepared a room for me. I am thankful for their kindness.
The next day is Wednesday and also it was my first day of school. I woke up at 6 o’clock. It was a very cold morning. We went to school, and Grace guided through her school. I thought there were many differences from my school. For example they had a cafeteria and students do not have to bring their own lunch from home. When Grace showed her school, I met many teachers and Grace's friends. They are very kind. On Wednesday, we ate lunch with Haruka and Reya. Haruka is my friend and she also participated this home stay program. Haruka’s buddy is Reya and she is a friend of Grace's. They are neighbors. My first school day was tiring but I learned how schools day goes in Iowa.
Today is Thursday and we went to school. My favorite class is LA (language Arts).
Today we have science and it was hard but we do not have school tomorrow so we are so excited so much!! I am sorry if I made any mistake in my e-mail.

Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 21

21 Riho

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Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 20

20 M Y201503212

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Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 19

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Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 18

M H (JH1)

I have learned a lot since I came to Iowa, I have seen and tried many new things. I think my host family has learned about Japan as well. I have learned many of their foods are very different, some good, some not as pleasing. I really liked stir fry, Which had chicken, rice and vegetables. I tried black licorice twists, and it taste horrible. And many of the members of my host family found taste bad too. I do not like this gummy candy much.

Yesterday (March 16th), Katie(my host), and her little sister Lexi and I went shopping at the Coral Ridge Mall. We went to a store called "Bath and Body Works" the sales woman put lotion on my hands and Lexis'. Neither of us really liked the smell of the lotion. Lexi immediately washed off her hands and I followed suit. We also got malts (which is like shake). Katie loves ice cream, and ate the most. At OLDNAVY, Lexi and I made a deal. If I tried a sweater that I didn't want to, Lexi will try on a skirt (Lexi hates skirts). It became very funny.

Katie and her little sister Lexi both ride horses. One day, after we came back from horse back riding lesson, they decided to ride their horses down the driveway to the horses pastures. I was given the chance to ride double on Scout, Lexi's horse with her. I was given leg up onto Scout behind Lexi. Going down the driveway was fun but scary. Sometimes Scout would shake his head or snort. It was hard getting off, even with Katie's help.

Katie and I decided to bake a chocolate cakes and bundt cakes which is cupcakes with a hole in the middle. We used more than half of the batter to bake the prototype. When it was made, it disappeared immediately. For the main cupcakes and bundt cakes, we did sprinkles and icing on top of it. It seems yummy and sweet.
I made Japanese food, fried chicken, Karaage and Chirashizushi. It did not turn out to be like the one that my mother makes, but I liked mine too. I also made clear Japanese soup, osuimono and miso soup. I made and a mistake on the quantity of water so it became too salty so too light. It was filled up with problems and mistakes. But my host mother and host father seems they like my awful cooking so I felt better than when I was eating.

In the school, I had a lot of fun, and I made many friends, but I didn't memorize all of the names. I think I remembered about 15-20 students' name. My favorite subject was P.E. and we did hockey and softball. In the hockey game, I saved 3 balls when I was doing a keeper, and I earned 1 point when I was playing a softball. I never done it before but I think I felt most confident in the sports I played ever before. I wish I can play in Japan!

Overall I think the climate of Iowa is quite hard. The day that I arrived was -15 degrees but it was about 18 degrees yesterday. And it is below 10 degrees now. I sometimes wants to have short sleeve shirt but I am feeling cold when I was wearing a sweatshirt today. I will enjoy rest of the day staying at Iowa. My host family was kind! We had 3 weeks (I only had 19 days...) and I felt it was long but it was actually very short!

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Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 17

H K (JH1)

I thought I would be homesick here, but I didn't. Here I have been enjoying freedom. For example, in school most of the teachers allow students to use phones and eat snacks. Also the school ends at 2 pm.

The first day of school was good. There are a lots of students in Prairie Point. I couldn't make friends in the school. I was very nervous, because I thought that everyone was staring at me. Everyday of school was like a party. In language arts they were doing debate. Debate was fun and they had great speeches. I used my brain a lot in debate.

We went to Mexican restaurant and it was delicious. I think it is my favorite restaurant in America. I tried to have get something interesting. I decided on a chicken quesadilla that a chicken and cheese in the tortilla. It was my buddy's mother's birthday so we went to the delicious restaurant. We had a good time in America. I also made Japanese foods when my buddy and I were home alone. She likes the food.

The weeks after we went to meet my buddy's other two brothers and his name is Jake and Alex. They were kind. We were going to see Jake's concert. It was funny because when break time Jake and other little group of teams made themselves a song and sang without playing the instruments. Then next week later we went to Minnesota. It was colder than Iowa. We went there to see the famous band concert. At the end of the concert they make a line and I went to the line, then went to the stage. The band is the Irish band.

I have been having a good time here. I think a lots of people are scared to go for the home stay in Iowa, but actually there are more freedom here than Japan. Also we can learn a lots of things here.

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Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 16

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Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 15

15 Natsuho 3
15 Natsuho 2
15 Natsuho 1

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Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 14

H T (JH 1)

Hi, my name is H T. So far, I’ve been doing very interesting things during my stay in Iowa. Sadly, my school is now in spring break. I was sad to leave my friend. I felt like I had known them much longer than about 2 weeks. My buddy’s best friend lives near my buddy’s house, so we can hang out with him, but other friends, I won’t have any more chances to meet. My host family is very kind and caring. A few days ago, they took me on a tour of Cedar Rapids and Marion area. They told me about the flood that struck the Cedar Rapids area in 2008. I had never heard of the flood. Though, the flood had wiped out a huge area of the city. We drove all around town to see many interesting things. I don’t want to ruin the surprise for when I present my scrapbook at the farewell party, so I’ll just tell you a few of the things I found on the tour. I saw the factory where they make the Quaker Oats cereals such as Captain Crunch and Life cereals. You knew cereal they were making that day, because you could smell the cereal from the car. I took a picture of the huge factory, so I will post that later. I also saw a lot of bald eagles along the Cedar River. That’s the river that flooded in 2008. I also saw a corn starch making company. I think they are supplying Quaker Oats. It smelled kind of disgusting.

My time in school was very interesting and a good opportunity for me. I don’t know if anyone knows this, but I have lived in the U.S. before, but I thought it was a different experience for me. When I lived in the U.S. before, I had lived on the West side of the country, so it was warm there. Therefore, the school was more open. Such as, to get to the cafeteria to your classroom, you had to walk outside. Here, you can go anywhere you wanted in the school without having to step outside. I found a huge difference in how we define the term study hall at my buddy’s school and Gyoshu. At Gyoshu, we define study hall as a place where people that forgot their homework go. At my buddy’s school, they define it as a place where you get one period for self study, or as a time where you can talk quietly with your friends. Also, what we do in gym is different. We’re doing archery here. It was fun, because I’ve only shot about 2 or 3 times before.

Today, everyone woke up late, because we stayed up late last night. We also watched the movie Mocking-jay, which I haven’t watched before. I had watched the first movie in the series, but I haven’t watched this one yet. It was good, so I recommend it. Yesterday, after I said all the goodbyes to the friends I made, my buddy and I went to hang out at my buddy’s friend’s house. We played on the Wii and played on the computer, and had a Nerf gun fight. Luckily, no one was hurt. I’m excited to see the ice hockey match tomorrow, and meet everyone again.

I hope everyone reading this could see that I was enjoying my stay in Iowa. See you again soon!

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Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 13

MM (JH1)

Today we had the same daily schedule as yesterday. In Social Studies, we took quizzes. Some students went to the front to answer some questions. I was just watching, because it was too hard for me. The quizzes were about Civil War or the Battle of Shiloh. I don't know what that is, so I can't do it!

Next, we had math. In math we did some calculations and word problems. I don't know how to solve the problems when I did homework, but my buddy taught me how to solve it, so I can do questions very easily. I did the test last week and I got a better score than I thought, so I was very happy for that.

After the math class, we had English class. In English, I made a power point presentation about Japan. I put some details about our school. I tried to put many details about Japan that everyone thinks it is interesting.

In lunch, we had a cookie, meatballs, and macaroni and cheese. I think this is the most delicious lunch that I have had.

In the afternoon, we did science. In science we are learning about sources of energy. The teacher is very good at teaching us, so I can understand very easily.

At the last class, we did PE. In PE, we stretched and went outside. We walked and ran around the track. It is a warm temperature today, so I can run much more than I thought. It was so fun.

After the school finished, we went to church. In the church, we played some games and ate dinner. We played outside. It was very fun and more fun than I thought. When we finished the game, we went to a room and watched a video. I didn't understand it very clearly, but everyone talked about God. Finally, we sang some songs. I don't know what the songs were, so I only listened to what everyone sang.

Tomorrow, we will have a piano lesson, and after that we will go to the pool with Moyuru and her buddy. I'm so excited!

Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 12

Y.M. (JH 1)

I'm having so much fun right now in Iowa and I would like to share some of my experiences.

First of all, on the day I met my American buddy(Logan ) and her family, we were so excited and went to their house and realized we forgot my suitcase at the airport! So we ran back to the airport and fortunately, a person in charge of this trip, was standing by the door with my suitcase.

On Saturday, I and Logan went ice skating in a big shopping mall called the Coral Ridge mall. I met a lot of new friends there. And I was able to see my friends as well. I wish I would have stayed longer because I couldn't talk a lot with my friends.

Another thing is that yesterday, I went bowling as a class. It was really fun because I hadn't bowled for a few years.

Today, I, Logan, and her mother went to eat dinner at a place called Hyvee. It was really good that I was able to eat some vegetables there because I've been having pizzas and hamburgers a lot since I came here. I hope I won't gain any weights...

I'm looking forward to seeing the ice hockey game on Saturday this weekend because I get to see my friends! I'm missing all my friends. I miss my family a lot as well.

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Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 11

M.M. (JH 1)

Hello! I am M M. My trip so far has been exciting. I will write about the most exciting thing I had in my trip so far.

On March 7th or 8th I went sledding with my host family. It was an exciting experience. I was thinking of what we were going to do today in the house. It was because my buddy Emma`s mother asked me that. I thought of playing Smash Brothers or board games again. Then, Emma`s mother said that we should go sledding. I was like "Wow! That is a good thing to do before the snow melts" because of this warm weather. When I arrived Iowa it was very cold. The temperature was in the negatives. However, since the third day it got warmer. I have not sledded for a long time so I was afraid that I was going to fall down.

Emma, Emma` little brother Kyle, Emma`s mother, Emma`s two other friends and I went sledding to Rosa bell because it had more snow than the hill nearby. My first sled for that day went quite well. I was confident of myself thinking that "maybe, I can sled without falling off from the sled". I was wishing that my guess would come true! When I sledded a couple of time, Emma`s friends came to sled with us. I was enjoying myself by that time. We thought of doing the most dangerous, but definitely the most delightful way of doing sledding. It was a way when there was one big sled in the middle and the four other people grab the rope of the big sled. I was on the little sled grabbing the rope of the big sled. When I tried for the first time, it was safe.

The second time, third time, fourth time, fifth time and so on was safe for me. I liked doing the way because it was safe! However, for the middle person and the two little person it was not too safe. They rolled over down the hill. I was then called the "safety queen" because I did not fall off my sled even for a single time. It was funny. I was making myself safe and not for everyone else. One time when I was sliding down the hill, I kicked Kyle`s head by accident. I did not notice that when I was sliding so I thought "That is strange". I apologized to him and he was alright so I was glad. Emma was called "Mrs. Wet" because she landed on a big puddle. I felt bad for her because It was really cold in the snow. The last time we did was not so bad. Everyone except for me landed safe. My hands hurt because of the coldness so I let go of the rope. I was safe though.

The real last time was the best one! We sledded down the hill without anyone falling over. We were happy because our very last one was the best one. My guess did not quite got right, whereas everyone said that I was the safest one in the group so I was excited. I thought "I was the safest person even though I do not sled often.

That was my story of the most exciting thing I did so far. I think this is the end of my letter. I hope my letter was fun to read.

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8 H N 写真(アイオワ)

8 H N写真(アイオワ)

2H K 写真(アイオワ)2

2 H K 写真(アイオワ)

2.K H 写真(アイオワ)1

2 H K 2 写真(アイオワ)

1 Y T 写真(アイオワ)

1 Y T 写真(アイオワ)

7 K W 写真(アイオワ)

7 K W

6 T E 写真(アイオワ)

6 T Y

3 S W アイオワ

3 S W

10 Y K 写真 (ダラス)

10 Y K 5
10 Y K 4
10 Y K 3
10 Y K 2
10 Y K 1

Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 10

Y.K.(SH 1)

March 2nd / Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Today was our last day at the hotel. S.W. and I shared a room at the hotel, and he woke me up this morning. And when I woke up, I was shocked because it was already around 9:30am. I had my alarm set at 6am, but I think I was too tired to notice it ringing because yesterday was a pretty rough day. I mean seriously, whatever happened yesterday was pretty stressful. I won't say what, though.

When we headed for breakfast, I forgot my wallet in my room, so I went back to get it. And because I was in a rush, I tried opening the door without using the card key. The door usually locks automatically, so there was supposed to be no chance for me to be able to open the door; however, it opened. But at that time I didn't think that was strange since I was in such a rush. And when I got the wallet I was like ".....wait a second. Did I just open the door without using the key?", and I checked if the door would open without the key, and found out that the auto-lock system wasn't working.

So SW went to the lobby and told the hotel staff that our lock was not working, and the staff came to our room to fix it. It tuned out that the battery was out. I was so glad that I forgot my wallet in my room, because otherwise I wouldn't have noticed it until we got back from breakfast.

Originally, our plan for today was to just stay in the hotel and get some rest, but because the JTB has organized a tour for us, the plan was changed. We met at the lobby at 12:00 and took a bus to the museum. I was very relieved that it wasn't the hotel's bus. I hated the hotel's bus because they're always late.

It took for about an hour to get to the museum. Everybody seemed tired; most of them were sleeping in the bus, and the rest were just sitting in their seats silently. I was going to sleep too, and I eventually did, but because I saw a car accident, I was shocked and couldn't sleep for a while. It was pretty nasty.

When we got to the museum, we first watched a planetarium. It was pretty interesting, but all the seventh graders were sleeping. Well, I have to admit that the seats in the planetarium were in a perfect angle to take a little nap. I almost fell asleep too, but I managed to keep myself awake.

After the show, we just wandered around the museum for a little while. I walked around with the other 1-Z students, and we went to a 4-D ride called "Energy Blast". To be honest, that was probably the only thing which was interesting. The other stuff seemed like they were for little kids.

Then we got back to the hotel, took some rest until 6, then went to the hotel restaurant with SW to eat our dinner. I had a chicken quesadilla, which looked like a mixture of pizza and sandwich. They were very good. I don't like to eat tomatoes, but surprisingly I was able to eat the tomatoes inside that quesadilla. SW had this HUGE piece of meat which was like 30cm in width, and he seemed like he was enjoying it at first, but he had a hard time eating it when he got like half way through. I still can't believe its mass and the fact that he actually ate them all.

Tomorrow I will finally be meeting my host family. I am very excited, and I really hope that we will be able to go to Cedar Rapids without any problem.

Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 9

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Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 8

​H.N. (JH 1)

Today, we planned to go downtown of Ceder Rapids while our buddies were taking Iowa assessment but since my host family's mother was sick, we couldn't go there. Instead, the teachers in Taft decided to take us outside of school to complete our scavenger hunt! Before going out, we took the picture of each of students in Taft including me wearing the Mascot Head of Taft Middle school. That was really cool.

A teacher took us to her church. They had really beautiful stained glasses. She showed us the "five seasons street" too. It's a sculpture of tree that is made of metal. We also had the flags of Iowa, United States and the black one that I actually I don't know of. I took picture of them but it was foggy today so I couldn't take good pictures. We visited the library too. It' a new one and I enjoyed looking around all the books, videos and fantastic furniture that they have! After that, we went to the Newbo area. They had a coffee shop and we ordered cinnamon roll and hot chocolates. They drew hearts and trees on our hot chocolate. It looked gorgeous and they were delicious too! We talked about many things about Japan in the coffee shop. Then we went to "Sushi House" which is the Sushi restaurant. A photo of the Sushi restaurant in America is one of the things on our scavenger hunt list so we took picture of that place too.
After that, it was almost time that class starts so we headed back to each classes. In school, we also took our picture serving lunch in the school cafeteria. I had much fun doing the scavenger hunt.

After school my buddy and I went to Aimi's host house and played the game "A to Z" that is kind of alphabet game. After playing the game, we went to a river near our host house and took some cute pictures. I took many pictures so far and having so much fun! I think I'm doing great in this Iowa Trip!

Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 7

K.W. (JH1)

This photo was taken in front of Isaac's house, and he is my buddy of this trip. He is very nice to me, and always tries to make me happy.
The T-shirt that I am wearing in this photo is given to me when our team won the championship at the dodge ball tournament, and only the winning team could get this
. It was held during our school festival called "Cabin Fever", and I was the last person of our team at championship game and led to a victory! I was happy when the a big cheer went up from the crowd.It was much fun playing dodge ball, and it's one of my precious memories.
Also, I went to ice-fishing with Isaac and his dad yesterday. We did ice-fishing on the frozen lake, and drilled a hole to drop a fishing line, with a little worm called a wax worm or a meal worm about a centimeter long. I did fishing for 5 hours, and I got about 10 bluegills though Isaac and his dad got about 80 bluegills at total. They are pretty good at it! I could once catch fish just as quickly as I could get my line in the water. It was first time for me, and it was a great experience for me.
Moreover, I did sledding with Isaac and his friend named 'David" last week. It was very cold outside, so I wore many jackets, knit cap, and mitten.I had doing sledding in the past, but I could slide down much faster than I thought.I was nearly crash to trees and the small bushes! It was very interesting, and I wanted to do it again.
The life in America is fun, and I like going to school in Iowa very much. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, and I want to enjoy the rest of the days in Iowa!!!

Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 6

T.E.(JH 1)

There are many things that have been making me surprise in America. For example I was very surprised that everyone is chewing gums during the class time at school. Everyone is very kind to me and they ask me many questions. In P.E, our school is doing roller skating (sometimes dodge ball). Math was almost the same thing that we are learning in Gyoshu. For school lunch, they select eating pizza or burritos or other foods to eat. I play with snow (almost ice) or video games or trampoline after school.

We got stuck in Dallas for three days and we were staying at the hotel in Dallas. On the Second day in hotel, I went to a shopping mall and I bought a lot of souvenirs for my family and for my friends. On the third day, we went to a museum and a baseball and football dome. There were many interesting things in the museum. The baseball and football dome was very large and I heard that Japanese baseball player is playing at the baseball dome. I was very excited at that because the next day is the day that I meet with my host families.

The day with my host family is much fun. I did sledding and I went shopping to malls and also Costco. I went to many american restaurants. There are many different things from Japan, and even Mc.Donalds are different. The size of hamburger is much larger than Japan’s hamburger. The church was interesting for me too. They sing few songs and they pray. Then they hear some stories from the father. When the final pray finish, children go to Sunday school. I do not go to the church in Japan so it was very interesting experience for me. At the dodge ball tournament in Mid Prairie Middle school, I was very surprised that everyone were shouting from the cheering section and cheering. Even girls were shouting and it looked that they are having much fun. I learned some cultures in Iowa too. In Iowa they have a culture that drinking hot chocolate after playing outside on a cold day. I drank hot chocolate when I played sledding and snow ball fight. I learned that there are many cultures in America and each has an interesting features. Also Mid Prairie Middle school's band got the highest point at the school band contest so I was very happy (the picture shows the MPMS band member before the contest).

I’m having a fun time with my host family. American people are funny and they are very cheerful. Also they are very kind. They support me and help me a lot. I found many interesting things. I have many things that I do not know before but everybody supports me so I think I can make this trip much fun.

Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 5

On Tuesday March 3rd, I came to Iowa for homestay in my host family’s house. When I arrived at Cedar Rapids airport, my host family was waiting for me. I was very nervous when I first met my host family at the airport but my host buddy and his family asked me some questions and talked to me kindly so I was nervous but I became more relaxed. At host family’s house, host family was very kind to me and they informed me about many things about their house.

On Wednesday, I went to West Branch Middle School and it was my first time to go to the school that my host buddy goes. I rode school bus to go to school and it was my first time to ride school bus in America. At school, teachers and my host buddy’s friends are surprised when they saw me but they are very friendly and kind to me so I enjoyed the school. On Thursday, I went to school as yesterday but it was my second time to go to school so many teachers and students surprised when they saw me. On Friday, it was my third time to go to school so I became more used to school than first time. Yesterday and today was my first weekend with my host family. Yesterday, I went to restaurant and shopping mall with my host family. We ate some Chinese food in the restaurant and we enjoyed shopping in the shopping mall.

Today we went to grocery store and other kind of stores to buy some foods and other things. I’m very enjoying homestay in my host family and I’m very excited to go to school tomorrow!!

Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 4

M.E. (JH1)

Day4: March 3rd
Today I went to a show called STOMP at paramount and I watched it for two and a half hour. It was a great show and I was tired with my first day with my host family but the show gave me a lot of power.
Do you know anything about STOMP? STOMP is composed of about 6 to 9 performers and they make tons of sounds with drums, newspapers, buckets, and many other stuffs. They make different sounds and combine each sounds into one cool rhythm. If you want to know more about STOMP, watching YouTube would be good.
Anyway, the most interesting performance in the show was the performance using brooms. the performers were using the broom's side, center, and the bottom part to make sounds. During the performance, some of the brooms got broken because the performers hit the brooms too much. They had a story in the performance and it was much fun to watch.
There were many other cool performances and I wonder how they are making such difficult rhythms with any mistakes.
Watching a show was a great experience and I want to thank my host family a lot.

Day5: March 4th
Today it was my first day to go to school and I found many differences between school in Japan and in America I will explain how was my first day in school was.
First, the most difficult class was social studies and students were learning about Civil war in America. I had no idea about that so it was very hard to understand what the teacher was talking about. I learned about Battle of Antietam, Lincoln's Emancipation proclamation, Battle of Shiloh, And about Iowans and Shiloh. All of them were new topic to me so I had to ask my buddy many questions to understand them.
Next, I was very surprised with students having own computers and carry them in every class. They were bringing back to their home every day and I got one too. Also students were playing games with the computers in the break time.
The day in school was very fun and my buddy's friends were all kind and they came to talk me a lot. I want to talk to them a lot and know more about them.

Day6 : March 5th
I watched a movie called "Freaky Friday " today. The movie was great and fun! I was lucky because I have read the book Freaky Friday in the reading time in Gyoshu in term1 so it was easy to understand the story.

Day7: March 6th
The school finished at 12:30 today!! I went to a large trampoline park called "Air FX" and it was very fun! I had pizza for dinner.

I'm having a great time in Iowa! I will try my best speaking English every day.

Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 3

S.W. (SH 1)
Hi! I I am doing great in Iowa. Only 5 days have passed in the United States, but we have LOTS and LOTS of things to tell. If I write everything, it will take 3 days to finish this report, so I will write about 3 most important events in Iowa.
First event is, waiting at the Dallas Airport. When we arrived at Dallas Airport on 28th of February, we were told that our air plane to Iowa was cancelled due to the big snow storm. I knew that this year's America is really cold, but I was not thinking that it was so cold to cancell the flight. When I first heard the news of the cancelation, I was thinking we could go to Cedar Rapids simply hopping on the next flight on the next day. But my teacher told us that we have to `wait` until Tuesday, meaning we have to stay in Dallas for 3 days. It was really shocking. So we `waited` in Dallas for 3 days. Also, we had to wait at the airport for so long too. After getting our luggage at the airport, we headed to the service counter to get tickets for the next flight. This 'wait' was really tough. We `waited` for more than 2 hours there. We sat on top of our luggage, and because we were in the row, and the row kept moving, we couldn't sleep. Due to the 11 hours of flight from Narita I also had headache and hunger. So it was absolutely horrible. Then, we got out from the airport, hotel bus came, and I was so happy that I could get around to sleep and relax at the hotel. But, it didn't go so well. Bus came, but we realized that only 21 people could ride on the bus, and there were 24 people in our group. So Mr. Hadley, Yu Koga, and I, who were in the back of the line, stayed at the airport and `waited` for the bus to come. We `waited` outside, because the driver said he should be able to come back in 20 minutes. We `waited` in the cold. I don't remember the temperature at that time, but it was really cold. 20 minutes later, 30 minutes later, no bus. Because it was so cold, we were running around the terminal, shaking body, and dancing. Bus came once, but because a different driver was driving, he did not notice us. We were finally able to get on the bus after 1 hour. This was horrible too. So this is my first important event. This event made me fear about the nature or weather.
Second event, which was a very lucky event, is riding on the first-class. Actually, this event was only good for me. After leaving the hotel in Dallas, we checked in the air plane to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. When we received the tickets, as usual, we checked our seat number. My seat number was 3A. But, everyone's seat number was like 7A, 8B, and even in row 18. So everyone was saying "ha ha you're alone". But when I looked at my ticket carefully, I found a word 'FIRST'. I realized that my seat was in first class! I was surprised, and very happy. One of the friends who were teasing me asked 'Can I be alone, please?'. It was my first and last time probably of taking the seat on the first-class. Although the seat was not so great because the airplane was small, sitting on a soft chair with a space that I can stretch my legs was a great experience for me. So I was able to enjoy the trip to Iowa.
Third event is, living with my host family. Today is the 3rd day with Anderson family, but we did many things. We ate American pizza, Jamaican chicken and Japanese Soba (U.S version). We also went to places like bank. At the bank, I brought rare coins, like Iowa quarter, 2 dollar bill, and gold one dollar coins. It was cool. About the school, I didn't have an opportunity to talk to students and make friends yet, because everyone was taking tests these 2 days. I did some of them, and Math was easy, but History and Biology were difficult. Anyway, I was able to communicate with special needs children, because my host mother is a teacher of these children. It was surprising that in American schools, special needs children go to the same school with normal children, and the students have opportunity to communicate with these children. So while I was free, like when my buddy is taking a French test which I can't do, I was playing with special needs children. I think it is a thing that we can't do much in Japan, so I want to enjoy it.
As I said at the first, I have lots more things to write, but I will stop here because it will be too long. I am enjoying Iowa (including Texas) very much, and I will enjoy the rest of the trip too!

Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告 2

H.K. (JH1)

Today is the first day of my Home stay experience in Iowa.
When I met my Host family, I was very excited and I felt wonderful.
First, we had lunch at McDonald's. It was a lot of food, so it was hard to eat it all.
When I arrived at my host family’s home, first I received gifts from my buddy. It was Starbursts and T-shirts. Starbursts are my favorite candy, so I was very happy.
Next was my turn to give souvenirs to my host family. My host family was delighted, so I was very happy.
I think my Host family showed interest most for Origami. Also, I showed my host family, how to make a crane.
They say, "it is hard!" I want to show more Origami.
After that, we took dinner. It was spaghetti and salads. It was very delicious! Also, I took pictures of the dinner for my memory.
For tomorrow, I'm looking forward to going to the Lisbon middle school with my buddy.