Iowa Trip 生徒現地報告1

Y.T. (JH1)
After we stayed in Dallas for 3 days, we arrived at Ceder Rapids and I met my host family and my buddy. After I met my buddy, we ate lunch with my host family and we ate pizza. It was huge and it was so delicious! After we ate lunch, we went to a grocery store and we bought things we need for the dinner of that day. Grocery stores in America are much larger that grocery stores in Japan and we had a lot of fun with shopping with my host family. For that day's dinner, we ate sandwiches that we bought in the shop. It was also very big and it was very delicious too. After dinner I completed my journal and I took a shower and I went to bed. That day because of jet-lag, I was not able to sleep well and I was so tired next day. Also that night the cat in my host family's house woke me up middle of the night. Our host family has 2 cats and 1 dog, and the dog they have is very big, but that dog is not threatening but he is rather a very gentle dog. March 4th was the first day that I went to school with my buddy. The school my buddy commutes daily is named Solon Middle School. At the school on that day we had English for 2 periods, Science, Art, Math and Social Studies classes and all classes were much fun. During the English class we read a book and we came up with questions based on the story we read, and in Art class, we sketched anything we like. In Science class, we calculated the speed that wave travels and the average speed of things, and in Math class, we calculated the surface area and volume of 3 dimensional figures and the capacity of solids. In social studies class, we studied about Japan and we reviewed about Buddhism and Shinto today. We had a hot dog, muffins and milk for the lunch. We will have a test for math. I like my buddy's friends because they are very kind to! I think we can have a lot of fun with them. After we finished school, my buddy went to a jazz band club in his school. He is playing a bass clarinet. My buddy's jazz band club has a concert next Monday. After the jazz band club, we went to grocery store and bought food for dinner. I ate cheese macaroni for dinner and it was so delicious too. I'm looking forward to the rest of this trip with my buddy!